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Welcome to Vapeomania.com, an online store dedicated to the sale of electronic cigarettes and accessories.

Now quitting smoking is very easy with electronic cigarettes. Vapeomania only sells the highest quality electronic cigarettes and accessories on the market.

Any of the models of  electronic cigarettes that you find in Vapeomania.com have been recognized by hundreds of users and are a guarantee of success for you. If you are thinking of quitting or smoking less, do not hesitate, thousands of people already vapean in Everyone and enjoy the benefits of this new movement.

What is an Electronic Cigarette?

An electronic cigarette (or e-Cig) is an alternative to cigarettes, intended for those who want to continue smoking without inhaling harmful substances from tobacco, and people who, when they are smoking, want to disturb as little as possible to Who are around. The electronic cigarette only vaporizes the substance contained in the cartridges, causing the expulsion of vapor that mimics the smoke in the traditional cigarette and thus achieving in the user an effect similar to that obtained by smoking a traditional cigarette. The liquid is vaporized by an electrical resistance called atomizer or cartomizer. The necessary energy is supplied by a battery.

The Electronic Cigar is safe, healthier and can also help you quit if you want.

The Electronic Cigarette is the best alternative to traditional cigarettes.

You can smoke anywhere without disturbing other people, as it does not give off smoke but steam which is not harmful to the health of others.

It smokes in a similar way to a traditional cigarette, it offers all the pleasures of smoking but avoiding all the inconveniences.

Traditional cigarettes contain tobacco, tar, glue and paper, which at the time of igniting it, along with hundreds of additives injures almost the entire organism.

Can you help me quit smoking?

Using the electronic cigarette can be a substitute for the normal cigarette. The use of nicotine is not suitable for people who do not smoke, who are intolerant to nicotine, or who are in a state of pregnancy. In addition, the electronic cigarette is not appropriate for people with intolerance to propylene glycol.

Since fluids can carry nicotine is a great help and many people have achieved thanks to it, even if it is not a health product. Nicotine is the only component of liquids that is not totally innocuous although knowing the components of an analogue cigarette (tar, gunpowder, ammonia, etc …) and the unknown ones is much less harmful. Nor does it contain the more than 4000 toxic substances possessed by a traditional cigar. In the Electronic Cigarette when one inhales the vapor, the organism retains 98% of the nicotine that is in the cartridge and therefore the vapor that is exhaled is harmless for third.

When using the Electronic Cigarette , when inhaled and smoked it calms the tactile anxiety and we obtain the traditional satisfactions that the smokers look for.

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